Catalyst Christmas Party


We don’t have many four year traditions in Catalyst, since I’ve been here for less than four years– but one of my favorites is the Catalyst Christmas Party.  I’m excited about this year’s as well.  It’s going to be on Wednesday night, Dec. 12, from 6 PM – 9 PM.  One of the biggest aspects of this event that has made it work well in the past is to make it a potluck.  So…I’m going to take a page out of last year’s playbook and ask for help in the following areas:

MAIN COURSE [I was thinking pasta and salad again…if you have a different idea and would like to help make it happen, I’m open to suggestions for changes!]

– pasta for 30

pasta for 20 THE NOYERS

parmesan cheese for 75 WE HAVE THIS

garlic bread for 75 THE RATLIFFS

– salad for 20

– salad for 20

BEVERAGES (our kids drink a lot of soda and punch!)

– punch for 25

– punch for 25

– punch for 25

– water bottles for 75

– sodas for 25

– sodas for 25

– sodas for 25


cheese and crackers

another appetizer?



another kind of dessert?

I’d love to get the main course and beverage slots filled up before we approach appetizers and desserts; but I’m confident that we can get these essentials and have plenty of room for lots of goodies!  The last two years have been great with everyone stepping up to help!


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